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Selling your home with Syme Real Estate


The MLS is an invaluable tool, but many real estate companies view listing homes on the MLS as their primary job. At Syme Real Estate, we take a different approach. We are hard-working, dedicated real estate agents offering customer service that involving far more than just access to the MLS.

In fact, as selling agents, the MLS is where our job starts, not where it ends. We go far beyond just listing homes on the Intermountain MLS. And as buyers agents, we help our clients read the market accurately to make a successful offer.

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We work hard to ensure that you will get the best deal possible.


We will communicate with you in a timely and efficient manner as communication is the most vital part of any business relationship, and we take it seriously.

Pricing Your Home

Explain how market value is determined, and discuss the role of market-sensitive pricing in the successful sale of your property.

Preparing Your Property

Identify enhancements that will help your property make the best possible impression on prospective buyers. Advise you how to prepare your property for real estate showings.

Represent You in Negotiations

Review all purchase offers with you, and explain your available choices to accept, reject or counter each offer. Negotiate in your best interests, including the handling of counter offers, to reach an agreement that is acceptable to you.

Protect Your Interests

Work with the buyer’s real estate professional and others to see that all requirements of the purchase agreement are satisfied and to help keep the transaction on schedule. Keep you informed of the progress of the transaction.

Follow Up

Follow up on any remaining details after the close of sale, and provide you with information on relocation assistance or additional services you may need.

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